At Spiel Associates, Inc., we understand that books tell a story. Your customers expect you to produce beautifully bound books and our team is here to help. With our wire binders, spiral binding machines, and perfect binders, you can create perfect books with maximum efficiency.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers as do you. But customers are more demanding than ever and you need machines that will meet that demand: Paper punching machines that are fast, coil binders that bind hundreds of books per hour, perfect binders that set up automatically, and fully automatic wire binding machines that are affordable.


Spiral Binding Machines and Beautiful Books

A spiral binding machine that can bind books with round or oval holes at any pitch, up to one inch thick.  Our machines can help with double loop wire binding projects, paper punching, and other beautiful ways to bind your books and magazines. Each of our machines is backed by our quality control, machine shop, and service.

As still, the largest independent bindery machinery distributor in the United States, you can count on us to quickly supply you with the plastic spiral binding machinery that your business needs. We always keep them in stock and that’s important in an era of supply chain uncertainty. With the help of our machines, you can easily create books for personal or commercial use that are both durable and aesthetically-pleasing.

We understand that each business is unique and their binding needs can differ. That’s why when you reach out to our team of friendly bindery experts, we can discuss the needs of your business and match you with the perfect machine, new or used.


Book Binding and Customer Service Experts

Having been selling bindery equipment since 1963, we have amassed a half century of knowledge and can point you towards the latest equipment, or machines from years gone by that can do your jobs better than even a current machine. Just ask our customers.

Give our friendly team a call today to receive quality customer service and purchase your new wire, perfect, or spiral binding machine. We look forward to becoming your go-to distributor to help your business grow and thrive. To learn more about our services, reach out to us through our online form.

New Bindery Products

Paper Punching

2 Products

Plastic Spiral Binding

2 Products

Wire Binding

8 Products

Perfect Binding

6 Products

Creasing, Perforating, and Slitting

7 Products


3 Products

UV Coating

2 Products

Case Binding

9 Products


1 Product

Stitching and Booklet Making

4 Products


2 Products


5 Products

Table Top Equipment

25 Products

Die Cutting

4 Products

Round Corner Cutting

3 Products


1 Product

Refurbished Bindery Equipment

Plastic Coil Binders & Formers

  • Sterling Coilmaker plastic coil former

Paper Punching Machines

  • Kugler 28″ automatic punch
  • Sterling Punchmaster 20 automatic punching machine


  • IS Standard Joggers various sizes available
  • IS Liftomatic Jogger 42×58 & 46×68 available
  • Graphic Whizard jogger

Double Loop Wire Binders

  • James Burn BB38 semi-automatic double loop wire binder


  • Ehlermann/Colly 16 station gatherer/collator
  • Didde Gatherall 16 station automatic gatherer / collator
  • Sterling S59 24 station automatic gatherer / collator
  • Sterling S88 18 station automatic gatherer / collator

Perfect Binders

  • Adventure PUR perfect binder


  • Sterling automatic inline double head stitcher
  • Acme/ISP 500 bench double head stitcher

Creasing, Perforating, Slitting Equipment

  • Grahic Whizard PT335AKF creaser/folder


  • Baum/Nygren Dahly paper drill
  • Drylam 3222 one and two sided laminator
  • Xante EnPress envelope printer
  • Sterling Model S64 automatic tipping machine
  • Dick Moll Dial-A-Feed automatic feeder
  • Rosback Model CB three knife trimmer
  • Little David carton sealer
  • GBC table top comb opener