Meet the Spiels

Michael Spiel

We can design around our customers’ production needs rather than production being revamped to suit the needs of any particular machine. Our company modifies standard book binding machines to suit our customers’ requirements and we will link machines in tandem to produce a complete product in-line. We design our machines to be as versatile as possible and to limit the need for after sales service, rather than depending on that service as a source of revenue.

Our Department Heads

Anthony Marino

Vice-President of Product Development, developed the Coilmaster JR. and heads up machinery development. “Working with new kinds of plastic coil machines can be a challenge. Every new development in plastic coil in the past twelve years has come through this shop so it’s exciting to see how far we can push the boundaries of this type of binding.”

Rob Schiffman

Our service technician, is an expert on The Sterling Digibinder. His engineering knowledge has been instrumental in making dozens of improvements on this machine since its introduction. “Due to the environment this machine is going into, we had to make this machine as easy to operate as possible. Given the extraordinary success of this machine, I think we have done just that.”

Gennaro "J.R." Caputo

Vice-President of Customer Service, coordinates the day to day needs of the service department. “If you call in for service the odds are you will end up speaking to me. I’m the guy who knows what each technician’s bindery machine service strengths are and I try to channel that to help our customers.”

Chris Odenhal

Chris has worked at Spiel Associates for over twenty years and now has the position of General Manager. “I still oversee the parts department due to my broad knowledge of bindery equipment parts. Sometimes I have to fill orders for parts for machines that haven’t been built for decades. That’s a challenge.”

Parts Department

Over ninety percent of our requests for parts are filled directly out of our stockroom. Spiel Associates stocks over forty thousand parts not including over thirty thousand drill bits. We even stock parts for bindery equipment that we don’t sell. The parts department fills orders for standard and specialized parts that can’t be found anywhere else in the world including those for binding machines that are no longer being manufactured.

Engineering and Machine Shop

Our design department and machine shop are set up to build any part for any piece of bindery equipment that we sell. This is the most important link in the chain of building customized and experimental binding machines. The machine shop’s complement of equipment includes: Milling machines, lathes, surface grinders, heat treating ovens, arc, gas welders, and other specialized equipment. Spiel Associates is one of the largest suppliers of paper punching dies.