Sterling iglue
® has been formulated to work with all types of digital stocks. iglue will perfect bind books with water based, wax based, and oil infused stocks. iglue is the most aggressive hot melt glue on the market. So if you’re having trouble holding your books together, give iglue a try.

“It sticks. We are running full color coated stock with two sided coated covers. We even had ink coverage running under the gutter of the hinges and the glue stuck. It shouldn’t have– But it did! It’s easy to use, melts quickly, and is the best glue I’ve run across for digital stock.”

Alan Goldwaser
Apple Digital
New York, NY

“Our original testing with iglue® was huge. We had problems binding aqueous coated material printed on our Man Roland and Next Press while binding on our Muller Star perfect binder. We were struggling with pull tests on the books. The iglue®®  was twice as strong as the glue we were using.”

Tim Garland
Far Western Graphics
Sunnyvale, CA

“We were binding coated covers with seven point body copy on our Fastback binder and the sheets were falling out. When I switched to iglue®, I couldn’t pull out a sheet without ripping the page.”

Lowell Stump
Claremont Print
Claremont, CA

“It’s five to ten times stronger than the glue we had been using. We are binding coated, digital stock—sometimes against the grain!”

George Subia
Subia Corporation
Alburquerque, NM

“The iglue® worked out really well for us. It’s stronger and we are able to use less glue on books with coated paper.”

Dennis Allensworth
Colloquium Press
Waco, TX

Sterling Digiglues are various high quality hot melt glues used for perfect binding. Used by binderies, commercial, and on demand printers across the US, they dry clear and are ideal for offset, coated, and oil infused stock:

“We shopped all over the internet for alternate glues. Nothing worked as well as Digiglue.”

Laura Reynolds
Write Designs, Ltd.
Ruidoso, NM

“We made the assumption that Digiglue couldn’t be EVA glue due to the superior bind. We thought it was PUR glue. Whatever it is, we are very happy with the results we get from Digiglue.”

Aliyo Michael
Midwestern Group Ltd.
Kampala, Uganda

“The books never fall apart, even with troublesome C1S (coated one side) stock.”

Joe Honeycut
Appalachian Printing
Roan Mountain, TN

“Digiglue meets all my needs for all the stock I bind, including coated, offset, and mixed stock.”

Bob Pobuda
Copy Zone
McAllen , TX

“This glue works great, even on full bleeds. Once you try this glue you won’t have a need for any other.”

Dan Horkan
Pre-Cycled Commericial Printers
Brewster, NY

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