Stitching and Booklet Making

The Deluxe M7 Wire Stitcher

Product Description

The Deluxe M7 Wire Stitcher

Redesigned for the 21st century, The M7 Stitcher is renowned for its ability to reliably stitch round or flat wire of any thickness, from 2 sheets to 7/8″ of stock. This makes The M7 Stitcher ideal for any printer or bindery.

Capacity: From 2 sheets up to 7/8″

Wire Sizes: 24-28 round or 19 x 21-1/2, 20×24, 2 0x 25 and 2 1x 25 flat Clinch: Moveable clincher for flat stitching

Table: 26″ wide heavy duty, 14″ throat for flat and saddle work

Speed: 125 stitches per minute