Stitching and Booklet Making

The Deluxe M17 Multiple Head Wire Stitcher

Product Description

Pamphlets, checkbooks and ticket books are quickly and neatly stitched, using the M17 Multiple-Head Stitcher. A single adjustment sets the compression and wire draw on all of the heads simultaneously. The M17 accommodates up to ten 26D Heads or eight G8 Heads.

Capacity: From 2 sheets to 5/16″ with a G8 Head from 2 sheets to 1/4″ with a 26D Head

Wire Sizes: 21-25 round or 21 x 25 flat Clinch: Moveable clincher for flat stitching

Table: 33″ wide heavy duty, 14″ throat for flat and saddle work

Speed: 215 stitches per minute