Wire Binding

Sterling Wiremaster Pro PB

Product Description

The STERLING® WIREMASTER PRO PB combines both economy and complete automation. The Wiremaster Pro PB is a fully automatic punch and double loop wire binder capable of punching and binding at the brisk pace of up to 1,800 books per hour.

What is unique about this machine is that it does not marry punched lifts. It punches and collects each book prior to transport, avoiding the tangling of sheets. The operator drops a book on the conveyor and the Wiremaster Pro PB does the rest. That’s right– it punches the book, transports it to the cover feeders, where pre-punched covers are fed, it cuts and inserts the wire, closes the wire, and delivers the book onto a conveyor. An automatic cover flipper is included. Speed up your wire binding with this most, affordable machine.