Baum Ultrafold 714XLT Air Fed Tabletop Folder

Product Description

The Baum Ultrafold 714XLT air fed tabletop folder combines all the rugged reliability of folders in a compact, convenient size. It can easily handle coated stocks. The simplicity of operation and rugged design makes the Baum 714XLT a perfect choice for folding. Its features include:

  • Quiet Pump
  • Toner-resistant fold rollers [urethane only]
  • Adjustable scoring assembly
  • Extended delivery [30% more accumulation]
  • Automatic fold roller tensioning
  • Easily feeds laser-printed & high-speed copier stock
  • Rack & pinion gear side guides
  • Easy to adjust feed caliper

Product Features

Right Angle Section

The Baum 714 Tabletop Folder allows for the addition of a right angle section. It can be configured for either right-angle folding or in tandem for multiple parallel folds.