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Coilmaster Jr. TS

The Sterling Coilmaster Jr. TS is the latest offering in the line of Coilmaster automatic plastic coil binding machines. It inserts plastic coil from the first hole onwards, then cuts and crimps. This tabletop plastic coil binder is an affordable and can bind books from 8 mm to 25 mm. Speeds of up to 600 books per hour can be attained. You can bind books with a variety of pitches, using round or oval holes. The touch screen facilitates ease of set up.

The Sterling Coilmaster Jr. TS offers quick and easy set up and minimal desktop space. Why bind books by hand when you can bind them quickly and easily with The Sterling® Coilmaster Jr. TS plastic coil binder?

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Coilmaster III Plastic Coil Binding System

  • Coilmaster Binding System

The Sterling Coilmaster III is a complete, in-line, plastic coil binding system. Plastic filament is fed into the Coilmaker from a spool. It forms plastic coil on a mandrel within the Coilmaker. The formed coils are automatically fed into the Coilmaster®, which spins the coil into the book from the first hole onwards. The coil is then cut and crimped automatically. One operator can create coil and bind books at speeds up to 700 books per hour at the same time.

The Sterling® Coilmaster III is a heavy duty automatic plastic coil binder designed for high production. This machine binds books from 8 mm in diameter to 32 mm in diameter, and up to 50 mm in diameter with the optional thick book attachment. Bind books as small as 4" X 4" up to calendars 17" long. The machine can also be modified to handle larger books such as art pads.


The Sterling® Coilmaster III Plastic Coil Inserter

The Coilmaster® III inserter includes a patented spreading device that allows for binding books with head and foot margins of up to 3/16 of an inch (4.7mm). It is possible to choose the size of your margin. No matter what size the book is, the Coilmaster plastic spiral binding machine will allow you to center the hole pattern on the sheet. This is especially important on odd sized books.

Pulling Pins

Here the outside pins are pulled, prior to punching, to ensure that an attractive margin (the distance between the first hole and the head of the book or the last hole and the foot of the book) is produced. This is the time honored standard when binding for double loop wire. This can now be achieved in plastic spiral with the patented spreading device on the Sterling Coilmaster III.

All other automatic coil binders do not allow you to use a margin that is larger than the bridge (the distance between two holes). Therefore you must make sure that the sheet fits exactly between the pins of the die pattern you are using. If the sheet is too large and forces you to punch a partial hole you must trim the book down, or bind the book another way.

Since many books are not exactly 11 inches, or A4, this becomes a common occurrence. Since other machines force you to use a larger hole size than the Sterling® Coilmaster III, the result will be a thinner margin. This is the reason other manufacture's recommend an oval hole. The ease of spinning in the coil is the same with round or oval holes. Oval dies tend to be much more expensive.

The Coilmaster® binds books punched with standard dies. Use round holes or oval holes. Pick the pitch you want to work with: 4:1, 5:1, 6 mm center to center, 8 mm center to center, 3:1, 2.5:1 or any pitch imaginable.

The Thick Book Attachment allows for the binding of books up to 50 mm in diameter. This modification includes: A vibrating jogger, 3:1 or 2.5:1 combs (this clamps the book and guides the coil), and extra large knives. The Coilmaker can also be modified to have larger gaps put in the tracks of the conveyor and a larger blower.


    • The only patented plastic coil former/inserter in North America.
    • Form and insert plastic coil at speeds up to 700 BPH. Save over 60% on coil cost.
    • Plastic Coil Bind books with round or oval holes.
    • Bind books with any pitch.
    • Inserts plastic coil from the first hole onwards.
    • Cuts and crimps automatically.
    • Bind books with healthy 3/16" (4.7mm) margins.
    • Bind books from 8 mm to 50 mm.

The Sterling® Coilmaster III Thick Book Package
The Sterling® Coilmaster III Thick Book Package

Coilmaster Comb

Coil Master
Coilmaster Bullet

The Sterling® Coilmaker Plastic Coil Former
The Sterling® Coilmaker Plastic Coil Former

Making plastic coil just prior to insertion puts an end to working with twisted and deformed coil or coil with an improper pitch. Freshly made coil binds books more easily than coil taken out of a box. Cut the filament to the exact size you need, when you need it and cut down on waste, excess, and on storage. The cost of manufacturing coil is significantly less expensive than buying it preformed.

The STERLING® COILMAKER forms high quality plastic coil from plastic filament. This is achieved through the use of three axles pressing the filament against the forming mandrel as the coil is formed. Other coil formers only use two axles to press against the mandrel. This can cause "wobble" and produce coil that is not uniformly round, especially on larger sizes. This technology is why most of the plastic coil in America is made on this machine. The patented conveyor system ensures sufficient cooling time to make the most uniform coil available. The coil cools while it is still straight instead of laying twisted in a box. The heating element is infinitely variable to compensate for the ambient temperature at any given location. Tooling for sizes up to 50 mm is available for The COILMAKER.

Three axels press to form coil on The Coilmaker
Three axels press to form coil on The Coilmaker

The Coilmaker Mandrel