About Us - Team Spiel

Bindery Equipment Specialists

One of our bindery equipment specialists

Michael Spiel - We can design around our customers' production needs rather than production being revamped to suit the needs of any particular machine. Our company modifies standard book binding machines to suit our customers' requirements and we will link machines in tandem to produce a complete product in-line. We design our machines to be as versatile as possible and to limit the need for after sales service, rather than depending on that service as a source of revenue.

David Spiel

David Spiel - In the past we have scoured the globe looking for new bindery equipment. We've had a representative at every international trade show for the past forty years. Now since we export more machines than we import, customers are scouring the world for us. Spiel Associates imports binding machinery from many different countries on three continents and exports machines worldwide.