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Improve Your Life By Reading Every Day

Every year in the U.S., approximately 9.2 billion tons of paper are used. One of the main reasons this much paper is used is the continual production of books. Reading can truly do wonders for individual people, groups and organizations.

In today's smartphone-obsessed society, it may not seem as though old-fashioned reading may hold much appeal, but there are still plenty of readers out there who are lifelong learners and who want to explore the world through books on paper.

Strengthen Your Brain

Numerous studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated through reading can actually strengthen your brain's cognitive abilities. It can even possibly slow the progress of Alzheimer's disease, as well. The brain, though more complex, is just like any other muscle in the human body. If it's regularly worked out, it will become healthier, stronger, and more efficient. Along with reading, doing mental puzzles can also have cognitive stimulation benefits.

Reduce Stress

Although life can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, if you regularly sit down and read a compelling story you will, at least for the moment, be free from your stresses. Doing this will calm you even after you've finished reading for the night and you won't be worried as much about the things in your life that you cannot control.

Improve Your Writing and Vocabulary Skills

You'll easily learn more words if you read each day. And after continually reading how other people write, you will learn how to write better as a result. The more exposure you have to well written stories, the more beneficial the effect on your own writing style. You'll improve your fluidity, cadence, dialogue, and style if you continue to read and build your own literary repertoire.

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