Case Binding Equipment

Case Binding Equipment

ODM Casemaking Line

The ODM Casemaking Machine produces hard cover cases at speeds between 120-200 cases per hour. It consists of: The Spreader, an 18" (46 cm) Top Side cold adhesive gluer. The Slider, a sliding table case gauge. The Stomper, a 30" (76 cm) air operated turning in machine, and the Squeezer, an 18" (46 cm) rotary press. The system can be operated with one person. Adding a second operator doubles productivity. It will make a hard cover from 4" x 4" (10 X 10 cm) (closed) to 18" x 30" (46 X 76 cm) (open). 

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ODM Spreader

The ODM Spreader is an 18" (46 cm) top side cold adhesive gluer. It is the first step in making a case. The thickness of the adhesive is easily adjusted with the scraper blade. The machine eliminates the need for the operator to "flip over" the glued cover material as with traditional bottom side gluers.

ODM Slider

The ODM Slider spots and aligns board to the glued material to be wrapped around the case. This is the second step in making a case. This case gauge is equipped with a light table to make the accurate positioning of the board quick and easy. The arms open to a maximum spine width of 4" (10 cm). The Slider comes with an adjustable side guide and arm spacer kit for different joint gaps or spine thicknesses.

ODM Stomper

The ODM Stomper is a 30" (76 cm) air operated turning in machine. This is the third step in making a hard cover case. This machine wraps the cover material around the board to hide its edges. The climbing action of the turning-in bar ensures a tight corner wrap of materials from leather to library buckram. The optional Slicer is a corner cutter to which prevents the bunching of excess material in the corners of the case.

ODM Squeezer

The ODM Squeezer is an 18" (46 cm) rotary press. This is the fourth step in the case making process. This wringer has squeeze rollers to remove any unwanted air bubbles between the board and the glued cover material. The squeeze rollers are adjustable for both pressure and gap opening.

ODM Slicer

The ODM Slicer is a 2" (5 cm) straight corner cutter. It is ideal for cutting away the corners of the material needed to wrap around the board to make a case. The Slicer prevents the bunching up of the excess cover material in the corners of the case when the operator turns in the edges.

ODM Sticker

The ODM Sticker is a single wing casing-in machine, the heart of the case binder. This self-adjusting unit glues the hard cover onto the end sheets of a book block. A servo motor brings the two glue rollers in contact with the book block applying a uniform coating of adhesive onto the end sheets. As the book block rises, the machine will place the cover squarely on the spine. The operator closes the cover, sticking it onto the book block. The Sticker will produce 100 to 300 books per hour from 4" x 4" x 1/32" (10 X 10 cm X .7 mm) to 11" x 14" x 4" (30 X 35 X 10 cm). A larger format model, the Sticker XXL, is also available.

ODM Smasher

The ODM Smasher is a single station self-adjusting hydraulic building in machine. Place the cased in book onto the Smasher and it will create hinges with both heat and pressure at speeds between 150 and 240 books per hour. The heated irons reactivate the adhesive and soften the hard cover material to allow the pressure to make a permanent hinge. No make ready time is required. A faster Smasher XXL model is available.

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ODM Super Sewer

The ODM Super Sewer is an automatic sewing machine, which can side sew up to 600 books per hour. It automatically back sews both the head and foot of each book. It is completely self-adjusting. It is equipped with an LCD touch screen. The minimum book size is 6" x 8" (152mm X 203 mm) x 1/32" (.8 mm) and the maximum is 11" x 14" (279 X 356 mm ) x 3/8" (8.5 mm). The Super Sewer XXL is also available with a pre-drill to sew books up to 1.5" (8.5 mm) thick.