New Equipment - Wire Stitchers and Booklet Makers

Wire Stitchers

MBM Stitch Fold Bookletmaker

The patented ISP Stitchfold wire fed bookletmaker provides substantial savings over bookletmakers using pre-formed staples. It produces booklets up to 100 pages at speeds up to 2,300 books per hour. The machine jogs the loose sheets, stitches and folds up to 65,000 booklets before the need to change the wire spools. It runs in-line with a variety of collators including the optional 10 or 20 bin MBM model FC friction fed collator. Also available is a heavy duty face trimmer. Another option is an inline corner side stitcher.

One of our booklet makers for sale
Rosback 201 Stitcher

The Rosback model 201CA semi-automatic saddle stitcher is designed for both large and short runs. Its heavy duty construction makes it both reliable and durable. It can produce booklets, pamphlets and brochures from 3.5 x 5" (9 cm X 13 cm)to 12 x 15" (30 X 38 cm)at speeds up to 2000/hr. It is equipped with 2 stitcher heads, 2 feeding stations, and an automatic delivery system. The model 203 uses this core design and has six gathering pockets and a three knife trimmer for entry level saddle binding at speeds up to 5,000 booklets per hour.

The Deluxe M7 Wire Stitcher

Redesigned for the 21st century, The M7 Stitcher is renowned for its ability to reliably stitch round or flat wire of any thickness, from 2 sheets to 7/8" of stock. This makes The M7 Stitcher ideal for any printer or bindery.

Capacity: From 2 sheets up to 7/8"

Wire Sizes: 24-28 round or 19 x 21-1/2, 20x24, 2 0x 25 and 2 1x 25 flat Clinch: Moveable clincher for flat stitching

Table: 26" wide heavy duty, 14" throat for flat and saddle work

Speed: 125 stitches per minute

Deluxe M7
The Deluxe M17 Multiple Head Wire Stitcher

Pamphlets, checkbooks and ticket books are quickly and neatly stitched, using the M17 Multiple-Head Stitcher. A single adjustment sets the compression and wire draw on all of the heads simultaneously. The M17 accommodates up to ten 26D Heads or eight G8 Heads.

Capacity: From 2 sheets to 5/16" with a G8 Head from 2 sheets to 1/4" with a 26D Head

Wire Sizes: 21-25 round or 21 x 25 flat Clinch: Moveable clincher for flat stitching

Table: 33" wide heavy duty, 14" throat for flat and saddle work

Speed: 215 stitches per minute

Deluxe M17