Numbering Machines

Banding, Folding, and Numbering Equipment

Graphic Whizard PT Bander

PT Bander with fully automatic or semi-automatic modes quickly and economically paper bands your print jobs for easy delivery. Utilizing a 1.2" / 3.04cm wide self-welding paper or poly tape you can band up to 15.5"x 7.75" / 39.37cm x 19.68 cm packages at a rate of up to 30 bundles per minute. This machine is fast and easy to use.


Graphic Whizard GW 8000E Numbering Machine

Heavy duty construction makes the GW 8000 numbering machine ready to run all day, every day. A 100-job memory provides a fast job change over. Microprocessor controls give the operator the ability to position up to 100 numbers per head, anywhere on each sheet. Feature for feature, specification for specification, it has the best value in the print industry. If productivity warrants it, the 8000 can be easily upgraded to an 8000P or 12000 on your floor with limited downtime.

  • 8000P-DS