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Everything You Should Know About Buying Used Bindery Equipment

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Information About Buying Used Bindery Equipment

The printing industry remains one of the largest in the world, even in these digital times. It easily rivals the auto manufacturing industry by size and is more than eight times larger than the video game sector. What does that mean for you?

There is a lot of new and used bindery equipment out there, from perfect binders to coil binding machines to automatic wire binders. Though printers may come and go, the industry itself remains strong, leaving a lot of perfectly good used equipment out there on the market.

At Spiel Associates, we sell used bindery equipment as well as new machines, because we believe that the right tools will differ depending on your needs and situation. Sometimes it can be better and more cost-efficient to purchase a used automatic paper punching machine instead of new, while other times you want only the newest, perfect binding machine for your production. Here's what you should know about exactly when and why to buy used bindery equipment over new.

Most of the used binding equipment we sell is classified as "reconditioned," meaning that it has been inspected, worn parts replaced, repaired, cleaned, and sometimes repainted. All "reconditioned" equipment comes with a warranty that guarantees it will work the way it should.

Used equipment that is marketed as "As is" or "Good running" may be usable, but it may not offer the lasting quality you need to have it up and running from the start. But if you require repairs, parts, or supplies, Spiel Associates can also help you out there, too.

On the other hand, a "Rebuilt" used machine means that every moving part has been replaced. Every nut, bolt, bushing, and bearing has been examined, and the entire machine has been stripped down, inspected, and quite literally reconstructed from scratch. Most of our used collators can be classified as "rebuilt." These machines also come with a warranty that guarantees your equipment will work just like new, without the price tag of a new machine itself.

Whether you're looking for a collator, paper punch, or automatic wire binder, it may be worth your while to browse our available selection of reconditioned and rebuilt equipment before you buy new. In an industry that's thrived for hundreds of years, it's not so much the age of the equipment that matters as the sum and quality of its parts.

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