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Don't Buy Binding Machines Without Reading This First

When you run a book printing or binding operation, you have to think a lot about the machinery and materials you plan on using, to say nothing of the actual content that you are printing.

Whether you are printing technical manuals or calendars, the way that the information is presented is vitally important to the customer experience. It's no wonder things are looking up for the print industry, with shipments up more than $2.2 billion compared to 2014. But if you plan to bring printing and binding operations in-house, it is in your best interests (for both your reputation and profit margin) to use only materials and machines that run as efficiently as possible.

Check out some of the questions you should be asking yourself before you buy new or used perfect binding machines, wire binding machines, or paper punching machines:


How Thick are Your Binding Projects?

Different materials and bindery equipment are required depending on the thickness of your books. It is important to take into consideration what size and volume your projects will be. If your books are thicker than 25 sheets stitching (or stapling) is not an option. For instance, if you're producing novels, you'll need perfect binding machines, while instruction booklets or cook books may require coil binding.

Are Your Projects Standard or Unique?

It is also important to take into consideration exactly what kind of projects you will be working on. If you print the same sort of booklets or packages over and over again, you won't have to prepare for as much deviation from standard procedures as if you were doing special projects frequently.

Some binding equipment is extremely versatile and can switch gears at the touch of a button, while others require a good deal of set up time. If you have any specific questions about the benefits of perfect binding machines, contact us to learn more.


What Is Your Price Range?

As always, when buying expensive machinery, it is important to know your budget. You may want to investigate the possibility of buying used machines and other supplies if possible before picking out the best binding machine.


Do You Need Other Materials?

Don't forget to include raw materials like glue and coils into your budget. Machines like automatic coil binders may be important to your operation, but there are more materials you will need for your general printing operation. Make sure to factor these into your overall business plan.


Can You Fit Your Machine In Your Production Area?

Of course, your automatic binding machines won't do you much good unless you know it will fit into the space you have allotted for it.

With the right preparation -- and the right equipment! -- You will be able to run a very successful and efficient printing and binding operation.




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