New Equipment - Double Loop Wire Binders

Rilecart WB-450

The Rilecart WB-450 is an economical, entry level double loop wire binder. It will bind books at speeds up to 800 books per hour. The machine will insert any double loop wire diameter between ¼" - 1¼". The WB-450 automatically cuts the double loop wire to the proper length and delivers it to the inserting station. The operator hangs the book and steps on a foot pedal. The book is then moved automatically to the closing station where the wire is crimped. The book then falls onto the hopper. The WB-360 will bind books from 2" - 17.7" on the spine length. No tools are required. An optional calendar feeder is available.

  • WB450

Rilecart R-422

The Rilecart R-422 will bind books faster than any semi-automatic double loop wire binder on the market. It has a lightning fast cycle speed, allowing an operator to bind up to 1,500 double loop wire books per hour. The R-422 will bind books with double loop wire diameters of 5/16" up to 1" and is especially productive on thick books. Rounded closing bars produce perfectly symmetrical wire bindings.

Just put the book on the table, place it next to the side guide, and step on the foot pedal. The machine cycles instantaneously. The R-422 is equipped with a patented device which turns in the end of the twin loop wire to prevent anyone (especially children) from getting scratched.

Rilecart B-535

The Rilecart B-535 combines both economy and complete automation. The B-535 is a fully automatic double loop wire binder capable of binding books at the brisk pace of 3,000 per hour. The operator drops a book on the conveyor and the B-535 does the rest. That's right-- it inserts the wire, crimps the wire, and delivers the book onto a conveyor. The machine will bind books from 3.25 X 4 inches up to 12 1/2 X 12-1/2 inches. Diameters can range from 5/16 of an inch to 1 1/4 inch, allowing for a maximum book thickness of one inch. Skip binding up to five parts is attainable. A calendar machine is also available.

Rilecart B-599

The Rilecart B-599 is simply the fastest double loop wire binder in the world. The machine will automatically bind books at the blinding speed of 4,000 books per hour. Just drop the pre-punched books on the conveyor and The B-599 does the rest. It automatically binds double loop wire books with wire diameters from 5/16" to 1". Twin spools allow for a quick changeover. The machine may also be equipped with an in-line punch.

The B-796 is the calendar version of this machine. It automatically punches, binds, and inserts calendar hangers into the twin loop wire book at speeds up to 2,300 calendars per hour.

The Rilecart Automatic Cover Flipper

The new, Rilecart automatic cover flipper hooks up to any automatic Rilecart automatic double loop wire binder. This negates the need for an operator to flip the covers and allows for the running of the machine with fewer operators. A great labor saver!

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